Oklahoma City Thunder Will Regret Trading James Harden When Playoffs Come

By Dave Daniels
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder have played pretty well all year. So well in fact, that some have already forgotten about the James Harden trade that rocked the Western conference playoff race over the summer. They are the favorites of many to come out of the West again this year, but something tells me they might get bounced before then.

People forget that the San Antonio Spurs were up two games to zero on the Thunder last year. Some wrote the Thunder off after that game two. Then something happened; James Harden took over.

During crunch time of that series, Harden was the primary ball handler and decision maker against the Spurs’ defense and the Thunder rattled off four straight wins to get to the Finals.

This year against the Spurs? It could be a different story. The Spurs young players have improved since last year and Tiago Splitter has quietly developed into a quality big man for the team.

It may be a moment in the playoffs when the Thunder realize just what they did in giving up a cornerstone player for a veteran and a couple first round draft picks with no guarantees they will get quality players.

The Spurs seemed to fade away in the playoffs the last few years, but something tells me that this year will be different.

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