Phoenix Suns Refuse to Quit on Season

By Michael Terrill
Phoenix Suns Refuse to Quit on Season
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Phoenix Suns are 23-47 and officially eliminated from the 2013 NBA playoffs, the team refuses to quit on the season. The Suns will continue to put forth a solid effort to win as many games as possible from now until the end of the regular season.

Interim coach Lindsey Hunter will not allow his players to give up just because Phoenix cannot mathematically reach the postseason. There is still plenty of left to play for, as the next 12 games could determine what kind of team the Suns want to be going forward.

Phoenix has lost eight of their last 10 games, although their two wins came against Western Conference playoff contenders. The Suns have shown signs of greatness here and there, but the team has fallen back into bad habits in their last two losses.

“You see the names on the backs haven’t changed, right?” Hunter told Valley of the Suns. “It’s the same team. It’s part of being young, it’s part of trying to learn how to deal with some small success. It’s a number of things we’re going through and hopefully one day we look back and say, ‘Hey, we don’t want to go back to doing that’ – and it means something.”

The two losses came against dismal teams that the Suns should have at least contended with instead of getting dominated in every facet of the game. The frustrating part about it is the two defeats came after Phoenix blew out the Los Angeles Lakers 99-76 at home.

Several players on the Suns have a great opportunity to showcase their talent over the next few weeks to prove their worth to the organization. Checking out is most definitely not the way to go about it, and I would say a majority of the team understands that.

“Everybody still wants to play, everybody still wants to compete,” forward Wesley Johnson said, according to Valley of the Suns. “It might look like it by the outcome of the score, but everybody still wants to play.”

As long as everyone tries their best to win games and get better, the season will not be a total loss once the last game is played.

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