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Should Utah Jazz Re-Sign Mo Williams in Offseason?

Should Utah Jazz Re-Sign Mo Williams in Offseason

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz will have several big decisions to make once the 2012-13 NBA season ends and the offseason begins. One of those decisions will be if the team should re-sign point guard Mo Williams.

The 30-year-old will be an unrestricted free agent in the offseason. How much attention he will get from various teams is rather unknown considering how much of an inconsistent player he is on the court. This is one of the main reasons why Utah should not bring the veteran back for another few years.

Since returning from his stint on the disabled list, Williams is averaging 10.2 points and 28.5 minutes per game in nine contests. He tallied double-digit points in only three of those games, while there was one contest in which he posted two points in 27 minutes. Inconsistency is nothing new for Williams as he has had this problem for years.

Another reason the Jazz should not re-sign Williams is because he is getting older while the team is getting younger. Utah has a great opportunity to sign a young, talented point guard to lead the organization for the next decade. Signing Williams will obviously prevent this from happening. It could also prevent the Jazz from making any strides in the Western Conference over the next few years.

There are going to be several skillful point guards on the market this offseason. Settling for Williams’ veteran leadership would be a huge mistake and something the organization must avoid. With that being said, it is critical that Utah finds someone significant to replace him. Otherwise, letting Williams go could set the organization back a few years if they are unable to find a solid scoring point guard.