Denver Nuggets Go for Team Record 16 Straight Wins Against New Orleans Hornets

By Ryan Heckman
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

This NBA season has been a season of streaks. A handful of impressive double-digit win streaks have impressed fans during the 2012-2013 season. Many talk about the Miami Heat‘s current 26 game winning streak, but there’s one that may be even more impressive happening right now.

The Denver Nuggets have won 15 straight on the backs of their superstar-less squad, working tirelessly to continue to prove doubters wrong. The Nuggets have been talked about as a team who cannot compete with the elite teams in the Western Conference come playoff time, but George Karl likes to think otherwise.

“What I’ve been telling the team, telling them for three days, the next (11) games I don’t want to hear about rest. I don’t want to hear we’re tired. I want our attitude to be the best basketball we’ve played all year,” Karl said.

Apparently, Denver has yet to play their best basketball. That could get ugly for the opposition, judging by the way they have dominated opponents in the paint. Karl likes his team to play team basketball, moving the ball around on offense and acting unselfishly.

Without a true superstar, the Nuggets’ streak could appear more impressive than the Heat’s current run. Many may argue that the Heat have such a loaded roster with three current All-Stars and a bench that is loaded with savvy veterans, that in turn their streak is not as admirable as Denver’s.

While both are incredibly unlikely streaks full of close calls and back-to-backs, I truly admire George Karl’s team for how they’re winning. They are an exciting bunch of players to watch, never knowing who will break out on any given night. Whether it’s Danilo Gallinari, Andre Iguodala, Ty Lawson, or Wilson Chandler to lead them in scoring, the Nuggets are loaded with underrated individuals who know how to get it done.

Speaking of Lawson and Chandler, Denver will most likely welcome them back with open arms tonight as they return from missing the last couple of games with injuries. With them back, Denver has much more offensive firepower. Lawson and Chandler have had breakout years and look to attack offensively more than ever.

Members of Denver’s 1969-1970 ABA team will undoubtedly be paying attention tonight, as their team’s franchise record is in jeopardy. I have a feeling George Karl and company will take care of business and go ahead and write themselves in the record books.

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