Detroit Pistons Need To Take Closer Look At Greg Monroe’s Future

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Monroe can’t explain why he hasn’t been playing well in certain games, but Monroe has been having too many off nights for the Detroit Pistons. It’s almost getting to the point that Joe Dumars, Pistons general manager, needs to take a long look at his three-year center and see if he can indeed be a cornerstone of the franchise’s rebuilding efforts.

They may have to look for someone else.

Another cause of concern for Monroe came Saturday in Detroit’s 92-91 NBA win over the Charlotte Bobcats to snap a 10-game losing streak.

Monroe was 2-of-11 from the floor in more than 20 minutes of action. He scored six points, but he did have eight assists to help make up for it, plus nine rebounds. But Monroe is missing way too many shots for the team and is willing to admit it.

“I didn’t want to get frustrated and try to force things,” he said. “ I just stuck with what they were giving me. I attacked when I felt like it was a good move. You’ve got to play smart no matter what. When shots are not falling, I’ve just got to continue to do what I do. I was finding guys and I always have to rebound, that’s something I can’t slack on in any game.”

But more importantly, the Pistons finally won a game

“It felt really good after being on a losing streak,” said Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva. “We kind of got that monkey off our back and you could just see how excited everybody was to get that win and the way we did it.”

Monroe needs to work on his shooting, considering he’s at 48 percent. That’s seven points lower than his rookie season two years ago.

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