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NBA Indiana Pacers

Injuries Mount for Indiana Pacers

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

An extra day of rest didn’t seem to help the Indiana Pacers heal very much. Indiana hasn’t played since Saturday, but is still dealing with mounting injuries to several key starters. The Pacers took the court on Monday night with a very different starting lineup.

The Pacers have been trying to play though the recent loss of their starting power forward David West. West has missed several games with a nagging lower back sprain. The injury to West has been bothersome but bearable, and now the Pacers have to deal with even more injury issues.

Indiana is also battling through injuries to two more starting players. Starting guards Lance Stephenson and George Hill both are day-to-day with injuries of their own. Stephenson is suffering from a hip flexor, and starting point guard George Hill has a groin strain. Although the injuries to these three players don’t seem too drastic, it is still the wrong time for this team to be getting so beat up. If you factor in the season-long knee injury to Danny Granger, that makes four starters that will be missing time for the Pacers.

This will be a good chance for Indiana’s bench to show their stuff. Bench players will be getting major minutes, but Indiana cannot afford to lose any more starters or many more games. If the Pacers hope to keep their current Eastern Conference standings on a positive note, then they must get healthy soon. There is little time to waste.