Marco Belinelli’s Inefficiency Outweighs Any Positives He Brings to Chicago Bulls

By Cody Williams
Marco Belinelli Chicago Bulls
Tom Szczerbowski – USA Today Sports Images

The Chicago Bulls have been a quality team during the 2012-2013 NBA season, despite the fact that many people believed they would have real trouble succeeding without Derrick Rose. However, they’ve adopted the persona of head coach Tom Thibodeau and played tough and gritty on both ends of the floor, which has led them to a 38-31 record this year.

One of the biggest flaws in this team is that they are terribly inefficient on offense. They shoot just 43.6 percent from the field as a team, ranking them 26th in the NBA in that category. In addition to that no one on the Bulls roster shoots higher than 49 percent from the field. If there’s one player that’s personified this inefficiency, though, (surprisingly, it’s not Nate Robinson) it has to be Marco Belinelli.

With Richard Hamilton out for the rest of the season, Belinelli has replaced him as the starting shooting guard. However, he has been getting consistent minutes for the entire season, averaging 26.2 minutes per game. What he has done with those minutes has been pretty unimpressive. He’s averaged just 9.9 points, two rebounds and two assists per game and has played little defense. Most importantly Belinelli has shot just 39.6 percent from the field and 36.5 percent from long range.

His three point percentage is decent, but it is not even near good enough to compensate for how terribly he is shooting from the field this season. Belinelli is really type-cast as a scorer, only he can’t score the ball efficiently. In actuality, Belinelli is somewhat of a poor man’s J.R. Smith, which shouldn’t be a flattering statement.

As the Bulls look to the postseason and beyond this year, they have to look at either getting rid of or working Belinelli into another role on their team. He’s had his moments of hitting big shots and stuff, but that doesn’t change how much he consistently hurts the Bulls on offense with his inefficient shooting. As a whole, Belinelli is more a nuisance than anything else to the Bulls.

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