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NBA Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers: Roy Hibbert Not Happy With Close Win

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night, a depleted Indiana Pacers team won a nail-biter of a game against the Atlanta Hawks. The Pacers almost let a 28-point lead slip away in the game’s final quarter, but held on in the end to sneak off the court at Bankers Life Fieldhouse with the 100-94 victory.

Even though Indiana got the important win over the Hawks, starting center Roy Hibbert was none too pleased with his team’s production. In a post-game interview on NBA TV, Hibbert let the world know exactly how he felt about the narrow victory.

“To tell you the truth, the coaches are happy with the win. I’m not happy with the win at all. The way that we played at the beginning of the fourth was awful.”

Hibbert also had a message for some of his younger teammates, who were thrust into more minutes on the court, do to several key injuries. “I’m gonna get in their asses tomorrow at practice, cause that’s not right. Wherever you wanna be at the end of the season in the playoffs, they gotta be better than this, and it’s unacceptable.”

This type of fire and passion is almost a welcome sign from Hibbert, who rarely seems to show much attitude on or off the court. With or without several of their starting players, this Indiana team prides itself on depth. It’s commendable that these injury-plagued Pacers could still play well enough to get a 28-point lead against a playoff-bound team, but it is also disappointing that the same squad could come so close to blowing that lead.

Hibbert’s comments came from the heart, and it’s good to see him putting his fellow soldiers in line.