Miami Heat: Will Fire Still Burn in Windy City?

By andRe Christos Helios
Steve Mitchell USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are now at 27 consecutive wins. They just defeated their Sunshine State rival, the Orlando Magic. But they will not be playing tonight in Florida. Instead, they will be visiting the Chicago Bulls in the Windy City.

Should the Heat be worried? Well, this is a different-caliber team in a different climate. Can the Heat keep the fire burning in cold Illinois? Will LeBron James have another game with spectacular numbers? Will the Bulls be tamed?

Or will Chicago end the streak? It’s pretty frigid in Illinois compared to Florida in March. Will James and the Heat keep the fire going, or will Chicago extinguish their flames in the Windy City?

I’m anticipating the Bulls to play with ferocity. I’m expecting the Bulls to play as the raging beasts that they are and attempt to run over James and the Heat. Why wouldn’t they? This is an Eastern Conference matchup and who likes the Heat in the East? Not the New York Knicks, not the Boston Celtics and definitely not the Chicago Bulls.

Why so much disdain for the Heat from the Bulls? Let us start with Michael Jordan, a living legend who won six championships for the Bulls and made them the team of the nineties. Moreover, he was also apart of that roster that amassed 72 wins during the 1995-1996 season.

The Heat won’t get 72 wins this season, but I bet you Pat Riley has that on his agenda for next season. Moreover, the Heat will be the team of this decade. In any event, James and the Heat pose a threat to many teams’ glorious legacy, including Jordan and the Bulls. If you haven’t noticed, Mike isn’t LeBron’s biggest fan.

So that is one reason why Chicago is looking to upset the Heat tonight. Another reason is why any team would want to beat the Heat: to be the team that ended the Heat’s streak; to be adulated and spoken of in sports talk. Did I mention that the Bulls can’t advance to the next round when playing the Heat in the playoffs? I think that’s more than enough reasons why.

But what will happen tonight? Whether Derrick Rose returns to the roster or not, I believe the momentum is in favor of James and the Heat. I believe the Heat want to go into the postseason winning every game. I believe James and the Heat will tame the Bulls — matadors or not.

I expect a game, not a blowout win, but a game. I expect the Heat to keep the fire burning, earning 28 consecutive wins.

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