Quincy Acy Has 12 Games to Prove to Toronto Raptors That He's an NBA Player

By Shahab Khan
Quincy Acy Toronto Raptors
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The Toronto Raptors brought Quincy Acy back to the NBA today. Acy has been playing with the Bakersfield Jam of the NBA Development League. He has 12 games to prove to the franchise and to the other teams in the league that he is an NBA player.

Acy was drafted in the second round by the Raptors out of Baylor. He didn’t have an outstanding collegiate career but used Baylor’s run deep in the 2012 NCAA tournament as a showcase for teams in the league. His outstanding work effort with a nose for the ball impressed teams hoping that he could become an energy player off the bench.

Acy has played in only 19 games this season with the Raptors and his averages aren’t very good. His second stint in the D-League didn’t prove fruitful as well as he only averaged around 13 points and 8 rebounds against week competition.

Acy now has the rest of the season to prove to the franchise that he belongs with the Raptors. The team signed him to a three year, 2.37 million dollar entry level contract. His hit on the salary cap is minimal. He could be waived at any time and it wouldn’t really effect the team’s bottom line. I am sure he would sign on with a team in Europe which would even lower the cap hit for the Raptors.

Coach Dwane Casey is beginning to understand that the team’s season is over and has been giving rookie Jonas Valanciunas plenty of court time. He needs to do the same with Acy as the rookie needs quality minutes against good players. This is the only way he can show that he belongs.

Acy needs to display a never ending motor, rebound the ball at both ends of the court, play tough defense and generally be a nuisance to the opposing team. This is exactly how his look-alike Reggie Evans has carved out a career in the NBA and this is the only way Acy can as well.

I hope there will be a massive house cleaning within the franchise this off season. The coach and the general manger, Brian Colangelo, should be gone. Andrea Bargnani should be amnestied and Linas Kleiza shouldn’t be in a Raptors uniform next season. Those are just a few of the moves that should occur. Acy needs to understand what he needs to do so he isn’t one of those moves.

Waiving a player that makes less than a million is petty change to any NBA franchise especially if a new coach and new general manager bring in their way of playing and building a franchise. These might be the final 12 games of Acy’s NBA career.

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