Anthony Davis Plays Strong Against LA Clippers in Front of Old Coach John Calipari

New Orleans Hornets rookies Anthony Davis and Darius Miller saw a familiar face on the sideline on Wednesday night, when John Calipari dropped by their game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Davis recorded 19 rebounds and nine rebounds in the 105-91 loss. Calipari was impressed with what he saw from Davis though even in defeat to the playoff bound Clippers.

“What I liked is that the Clips went right at Anthony physically and he held his own,’’ Calipari told John Reid of Times Picayune. “He didn’t get thrown around and he made that run in the second half and made baskets.’’

Davis is now the cornerstone of the New Orleans Hornets to go along with Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers. Davis has shown some serious toughness so far this year and the rookie of the Year race is probably between him and Damian Lillard. That remains to be decided though.

“They got a young team and they’re going to grow together,’’ Calipari said. “You’ll see this franchise in another two or three years, adding another draft pick and a couple more pieces, guys get a little bit older. It’s going to be interesting.’’

Davis will only continue to get better as a player; it is sometimes easy to forget his age and Calipari is right. It will definitely be interesting in New Orleans in a couple years.

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