Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat: One Streak Ends as Another Continues

By Alejandro Aviles
Chicago Bulls
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

No Joakim Noah, no Marco Belinelli, no Rip Hamilton and no Derrick Rose, but no problem for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls and the Miami Heat might have played the game of the year Wednesday night at the United Center as Chicago ended Miami’s 27-game win streak in dramatic fashion, and in the process continued on its own three-game winning streak. This was a hard-fought win for the Bulls and very impressive when you consider how depleted their roster has been. Wednesday night it did not matter, though, as they ended the Heat’s shot at history by halting their win streak at 27 games.

Miami’s 27-game winning streak was obviously one of the most impressive steaks in all of sports and they should still be considered favorites to win the title this year. This loss for the Heat was not the biggest loss of the season, but it has to sting a lot considering it came at the hands of one of their biggest rivals. The Heat’s streak will go down as the second best in NBA history, but they currently own the best record in the NBA and are arguably the most dominant team in the league.

This win definitely meant a lot to the Bulls and it is a true testament to what a team can accomplish. There have been plenty of ugly wins for the Bulls this season and it has not always been easy, but somehow, some way, this team always manages to scrap and grind for the win.

On Wednesday night the Bulls proved that they can be a very dangerous team and are primed to make a lot of noise in the playoffs. Furthermore, the team showed Rose that he has something great to come back to and that the Bulls can make a legitimate playoff run this season.

If the Bulls can continue to play with the same kind of heart and intensity they displayed tonight, then they can beat just about anyone. The Heat will not forget this loss to the Bulls, and the two teams will square off one more time in the regular season when they meet up at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Bulls and Heat fans alike have already marked their calendar for April 14th as the regular season finale between these two teams should be just as electrifying as Wednesday night’s game.

However, these two teams might need some extra games to settle the score, and with the Bulls playing so well as of late, a playoff match-up with the Heat seems inevitable. The Bulls added more fuel to their heated rivalry with the Heat, and have shown that any game between these two teams is must-see TV. The Heat’s streak has ended but the Bulls’ streak has just begun and they are looking to end the season on a high note.

Alejandro Aviles is a writer for Rant Sports and a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan

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