Jason Terry Needs to Come to Life for the Boston Celtics

By Eric St. Cyr
Jason Terry Boston Celtics
Jerome Miron- USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics have hit a snag in their late season “push.”  Jeff Green’s buzzer beating lay-in to end a five game skid last night over the Cleveland Cavaliers in a sneaky 93-92 win can only offer temporary relief. The Celtics are desperate for offensive firepower right now- a charge which is currently being lead by Green and Paul Pierce and to a lesser extent, Jordan Crawford…not exactly the team Doc Rivers had in mind.

The Celtics have some players who have had to redefine what they do in a shortened line up and have had issues settling in. Such as guys like Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass, both of whom seem to be doing the most suffering without Rajon Rondo aiding them in getting the most out of their particular games. Bradley’s shooting slump has started to linger and Bass has just looked like the forgotten man who never leaves the party when he should.

No one has had a more uncharacteristic year than Jason Terry. He’s slowly gone from less involved to slightly invisible in Rivers’ system. As of right now, he’s averaging 4.7 less field goals attempted than his career average of nearly 13. That number doesn’t begin to explain what’s truly happened to Terry’s game.

Over his last five games amidst some of the darker days for the Celtics, Terry is 11-37. The trouble here is that if these numbers look bad, which they do, there isn’t much else in the package of his game that makes up for not only him taking less shots, but making less as well. In other words, if Terry isn’t shooting with confidence all while playing below average defense and not really bringing much else to the floor, what you’re left with is a liability on both ends of the court and a big dark spot when it’s already hard enough to find the bright ones.

Terry has continued to confidently chime in that his “best basketball is ahead of him.” After all, even if your game has dropped off considerably and you continue to be a non-factor on the court, at least the confidence always prevails, right?

Right now it’s looking like Crawford and Terry will have to lead the bench-charge for the depleted Celtics. Both remain unrealistically confident, but right now actions are going to speak a lot louder than words and that’s about all that Terry has going for him. Talking is nice, but shooting is better. It’s Looking like Terry still hasn’t found his way with the Celtics, and right now a Crawford circus shot looks a lot more reliable than a trademark pull-up jumper from the “jet” who’s flight has been delayed for about 71 games now.


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