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NBA Brooklyn Nets

Reggie Evans Ability to Accept Criticism Shows Marked Improvement

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn Nets power forward Reggie Evans has finally gotten back to his dynamic rebounding form after a slow start this year. He was an underrated part of the “Goon Squad” last year and played well in the playoffs.

Apparently though, earlier this year, a teammate told coach P.J. Carlisemo to take him out of a game.

“I got frustrated one day when one of my teammates told my coach to take me out the game. I bit my tongue. I didn’t say nothing,” Evans told the New York Daily News.

“But me, knowing me, I usually attack and say something. I bit my tongue. I said, ‘Ok’ I said, ‘Alright, start being aggressive.’ So I took it in a positive way, instead of just doing my normal self, like ‘What you say? What you say?’”

Evans has started to rebound the ball like the Reggie of old, and it is a good thing that he didn’t get discouraged. It makes you wonder whether that gut reaction that he has to being critized is why he has bounced from team to team. Now that it appears he has matured a bit when it comes to that, Evans could have many more professional years left in him if that is what he desires.

Evans tied a carrer high on Wednesday withh 22 points to go along with 26 rebounds. It was his seventh 20-plus rebounding game this year.

It is always fun to see Evans in the playoffs, and looking forward to seeing if he can keep it up until then.

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