Should the Phoenix Suns Tank the Rest of Season?

By Tony Ramsey
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Phoenix Suns season is just about over, the team must look to the future and make some decisions for the direction they will go in. One option the Suns should consider is sitting more of their key players and mailing it in for the final few weeks.

The Suns didn’t have much of a season to look forward to once their initial plan to land Eric Gordon was derailed by the New Orleans Hornets, prompting the Suns to sign Michael Beasley and a couple other players that they probably shouldn’t have. Point guard Goran Dragic has been solid as a full-time starter, but outside of him the Suns haven’t had much positive to hang their hat on.

Phoenix will have some cap space to add a free agent or two but their main focus should be the NBA draft, where the Suns will have a couple of first round picks thanks to the Steve Nash trade. Since teams with the worst records get more ping pong balls for the draft lottery, every Suns loss from here on out actually can be beneficial for them.

There will be a number of solid options for the Suns to select from in this year’s draft that may not be as weak as some are projecting. Phoenix should let their young players such as Kendall Marshall, Markieff and Marcus Morris play to find out what they can contribute for next season while the team focuses on scouting the draft for this summer.

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