Why People are Happy About the Miami Heat Winning Streak Coming To An End

By Stephen Conway
Rob Grabowski-USA Today Sports

History was made last night, but unfortunately, for the Miami Heat, it wasn’t what they were hoping for to be put in as in the record books.

The impressive Heat streak ended last night at 27 consecutive wins in a 101-97 brawler against a physical Chicago Bulls team.

The Heat were unable to pull off what they had done 7 times during the streak, coming back from a double digit deficit. They fell short, but still, a remarkable, and exciting journey it has been.

Over the course of the 27 games, the streak was highlighted by the media all across the world. Every sports show, podcast, or radio station had some sort of segment on the extraordinary Heat streak, and for good reason. Countless sport fans would wake up every day, tune into ESPN, and wait for the Heat highlights come on, or look at the ESPN bottom line to find out if the streak stayed alive. But, were they looking for the “right” reasons?

One cannot deny that many sports fans, especially NBA fans, are not the fondest of the best basketball player in the world, LeBron James. After his antics with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and other glimpses in his career, fans have shown little admiration for James. As a result, the Heat have become one of the more disliked teams in the NBA.

In an Sports Illustrated poll taken in 2010, The Miami Heat, ranked #25 of the 25 most hated NBA teams of all time. The Heat, prior to this ranking, at not played a single game with their “would-soon-to-be” dynamic trio that is James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh.

When a team consistently wins, with big time players, it is a general occurrence that fans start to show hatred towards that team. Switching gears to the NFL, the New England Patriots, a team that seems to be in the running for the Super Bowl every single year, is definitely a top the list of the most hated teams in the NFL. This may be due to Tom Brady, and Bill Bellichchek, which is similar to James being a main reason as to why the Heat is hated.

If you take into account the SI Poll that was taken three years ago, you can only imagine where the Heat are ranked now. This leads people to believe that many people woke up this morning happy when they turned on ESPN.

It cannot be denied that many sports fans wanted to see the Heat loose; very few people wanted them to break the record. Whether people come out and say it or not, the fact that the Heat have grown to become one of the most hated teams in the league, its gravy points that James and the Heat were unable to come away with the record.

What’s unfortunate about the whole situation is that now people and journalists may come out saying that is just another failure during James’ career. Even as a New York Knicks fan, even I would disagree with the statement. Whether you love him or hate him, or love or hate the Heat, it was an impressive streak, which unfortunately came to an end last night.

The Heat may have come close, and while Heat fans and other fans around the league may have been pulling for them, the Heat made a vast number of people happy last night, without having to win to do it.

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