NBA Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers Are Perfect Example of Deceiving “Per Game” Stats

Howard Smith/USA Today Sports


The NBA is full of statistics. They have an entire conference just for new statistics. Just like any other sport, people are going to over-analyze and scrutinize the simplest of issues. One of the most used statistics is the “per game” stat.

The “per game” stat measures the team’s averages per game. Things like rebounds, points, defense and other things are all examples of “per game” stats. While many people are going to judge things off of those stats, they shouldn’t. They don’t take into account the teams they play against, their schedule and many other things which should be taken into consideration.

Nothing proves my case more than the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers are 28-43 and are in ninth place. When you look at their record you would think their “per game” stats would look horrible across the board. This is where you have it wrong.

Philadelphia is deceivingly good on the defensive end of the ball on paper. They allow 96.6 points per game, which ranks 11th in the league. In the last month, they have let teams score 100 or more points 11 times. If you look at it like that, all of the sudden their record becomes more believable.

Shining a light on this team, they are ranked 30th offensively on the “per game” stat. However, they have scored 95 or more points in six games in March. That is three more points than their “per game” average!

The point I am trying to make is, don’t read too much into stats. They can be extremely deceiving when it comes to actual production. The best thing for you to do is watch. Which is also more fun anyways.


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