Boston Celtics Draft Prospects: Erick Green

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Erick Green
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

As we have mentioned in previous articles, the Boston Celtics could look to add point guard depth this summer and one guy they could take a look at is Virginia Tech senior point guard Erick Green. Most people probably are not familiar with him as he played for a lousy program this year that got no national attention. Barely any of their games were broadcasted on national television and this shut out Green from gaining a lot of exposure. They didn’t even make a postseason tournament so it is justifiable to not be very familiar with his play this season.

It might surprise you to learn that he led the entire country in scoring this year, an impressive feat considering he played in the conference where the ACC features a number of dominant programs including North Carolina and Duke. He is a true scoring point guard and has a unique ability to create his own shot, a trait NBA teams normally covet. He doesn’t have out of this world athleticism by any means, but he is extremely savvy and knows how to lead a team. He reminds people a lot of Michigan’s Trey Burke, who we profiled a few weeks ago. The Celtics have always had a need for a backup point guard and Green would be an excellent choice to assist Rajon Rondo. As of now, the team would have to trade for a second round pick to get him, but it wouldn’t be shocking if he somehow snuck into the first round, especially because of how weak this draft appears.

Erik Green would be a nice pick for the Celtics this summer.


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