Marshon Brooks Needs More Playing Time With Brooklyn Nets

By Tony Ramsey
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Although Marshon Brooks has a ton of scoring potential on the NBA level, for some reason he has been buried on the Brooklyn Nets bench. The second-year guard out of Providence has all of the attributes to be successful, if only the Nets would play him.

Brooks had a solid rookie season in 2011-2012, averaging 12.6 points 3.6 rebounds and 2.3 assists while playing 29.4 minutes per game. The arrival of Joe Johnson cost Brooks his starting spot, but at 6’5″ and with the ability to create his own shot it initially seemed as if Brooks was a prime candidate to provide instant offense on the wing as a reserve.

But that hasn’t been the case for Brooks this year. His minutes have dropped to just 11.5 per game and his scoring average has been cut in half to just five point per game due to the lack of playing time. The most confusing thing about the lack of minutes for Brooks is that he has actually been more efficient this season than last. Brooks has a player efficiency rating of 13.1 (up from 12.9 as a rookie) and has improved his shooting percentage from .428 to .448.

Granted, the Nets are a bit loaded on the wing with Johnson and Gerald Wallace, but Wallace appears to have declined this season, which should have opened the door to play Brooks and Johnson on the perimeter together. The Nets could use Brooks’ one-on-one scoring ability in the playoffs, so it would be a smart decision to give him more minutes in the final weeks of the season so he is prepared if his number is indeed called.

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