At What Point Should the Washington Wizards Go to Re-Sign Martell Webster?

By Trisity Miller
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In the NBA, there are four ways to keep interest in you: be highly talented (superstars), have a  niche (role players), be a 3-point shooter or be tall.

Fortunately for Martell Webster, he’s two of the four (role player, shooter). On the verge of being an unrestricted free agent after his eighth season in the NBA, he’s having a career year in his first year with the Washington Wizards. And with the possibility of making the playoffs with this team due to an improving squad, health pending, Webster’s return to the team will be an interesting decision for the Washington front office.

This season, Martell is averaging a career high in points (11.7), assists (1.9), free-throw percentage (.864%), three-point percentage (.433% and sixth overall in NBA), minutes (29.3) and field goal percentage (.454%).

His skill set goes well alongside franchise star John Wall similar to how rookie Bradley Beal’s does. While Wall is steady dishing and kicking, he’ll need to be surrounded by numerous players who can spread the floor to ultimately maximize his game. And with Trevor Ariza likely to return after accepting his player option, Washington is going to need someone to be able to stabilize the front court instead of Ariza’s slash-and-cut game.

Currently on a contract of $1.6 million, Webster’s price tag will increase come summer time. Teams with cap room will go at length to get Webster on their team after a career year and unless the Wizards draft a replacement in the lottery, so should they. Guaranteed to have at least $34 million in cap space if Emeka Okafor opts out and Ariza declines his player option, this team will have enough to spend on Webster who should garner no more than $3-$4 million a season this of-season. And his willingness to re-sign, as he stated a few weeks back, may allow Webster to re-sign at a cheaper price than what the market is.

The future is bright for this team. If all goes well, the playoffs are a possibility, but they’ll need all the functional pieces they have now to make that a chance and Martell Webster is definitely one of them.

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