Philadelphia 76ers Shouldn't Re-sign Andrew Bynum

By Cameron Adamczyk
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest splashes of the NBA offseason was when the Philadelphia 76ers acquired center Andrew Bynum via trade four-team trade. The deal seemed like a great deal at the time. There were understood injury risks, but they were obviously willing to take them. Nobody blamed this team for trying to bring a superstar to their squad.

Fast forward to March 30th and Bynum hasn’t stepped on the floor for the team this entire season. He has shown a lack of enthusiasm to play for this team and for this city. He has gotten injured due to a bowling accident. He isn’t going to step on the floor this season. He may never step on the floor of the 76ers’ court and be on the home team. He has given nothing to this franchise, yet the 76ers may sign him back for another go.

“Big Hair” Bynum is going to have to come back from a surgery on both knees. Teams aren’t going to want to pay top dollar for a big man who has just had knee surgery because of the huge risk. If Philadelphia decides to take another gamble on a guy who doesn’t seem interested in that franchise, then they are going to have to pay him more than other big market teams would. An offer that stands out is going to have to be the least the 76ers will have to do to retain Bynum.

The funny thing is, they shouldn’t even consider trying to re-sign him. If I were the GM, I would cut my losses and gain as much cap space as I could. This experiment should be in the rearview mirror when the 2013-2014 season begins.


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