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Portland Trail Blazers Need To Define Meyers Leonard’s Role

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Meyers Leonard had one of his best games of the season Saturday night for the Portland Trail Blazers.

But hardly anyone else for the Blazers had much of a night to speak of and the result was a crushing 125-98 loss to the Golden State Warriors.

With a 33-40 record, the Blazers will soon be facing mathematical elimination from the NBA playoffs.

But it’s a team that’s boasting some good talent  The Blazers will have to take a closer look at Leonard and figure out how he’ll be able to fit into their plans for the 2013-14 season.

The Portland rookie put in a quality 41 minutes of action against the Warriors, shooting 9-of-17 from the floor and grabbing 10 rebounds, while scoring 22 points. He had a combined 23 points his previous two games.

But Leonard’s Saturday performance showed that he’s ready to make an impact in the NBA. For this season, he’s at 5.1 points and 3.6 rebounds a game and is shooting 55.5 percent from the floor.

He’s only been averaging 16.1 minutes per game. Higher minutes are likely to mean more points and rebounds from Leonard.

The Blazers just need to figure out how they can fit him in with some of the other talented players they have.There are nine games left for Portland. The Blazers, even if they win them all, probably won’t make the playoffs. They should give Leonard more minutes to see if he’s ready to become a starter next season. At this point of the season, they have plenty to gain by doing this.