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The San Antonio Spurs Game Tonight Against Miami Heat Is Playoff Barometer

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Anybody remember what happened the last time the San Antonio Spurs played the Miami Heat? Gregg Popovich rested all his starters with late notice to the league, which resulted in the league fining the Spurs. The Spurs actually kept the game pretty close too, but ultimately we didn’t get to see both clubs at full strength.

Manu Ginobli is sitting out tonight’s game, but other than that these teams are both at near full strength.

These two teams are the best in the West and the East respectively and they should definitely begin sizing each other up now. It seems like a Spurs-Heat Finals is a relatively likely possibility. Both teams should feel pretty good right now, but for different reasons.

The Heat just came off of the ending of the second longest winning streak in league history and they want to get another quality win to get the taste of defeat out of their mouths. I was actually in attendance to see the end of that streak.

The Spurs finally got their All Star point guard Tony Parker back and they will be in a nice rhythm once the playoffs start.

One thing is for sure, a playoff series between these two teams would be quite a spectacle to see. We’ll just get a taste for what it might be like tonight.

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