Cleveland Cavaliers End A Terrible March With Another Bad Loss

By Nick Claussen

To say that the Cleveland Cavaliers had a bad month of March is like saying that Mitt Romney had a bad month of November.

The Cavaliers had a horrible month and capped it off with a 112-92 loss to the New Orleans Hornets on Sunday night.

During March, the Cavaliers went just 2-12. The 20-point loss to the lowly Hornets was the eighth straight loss for the Cavaliers, and there’s not too much positive that can be said about the game.

The Hornets are just 26-48, compared to the Cavaliers record of 22-50, and this should have been a game that the Cavaliers could have won. Instead, the Hornets were able to pull away from the Wine and Gold fairly easily to pick up the victory.

The biggest problem for the Cavaliers once again was a terrible third quarter. After leading 49-48 at halftime, the Cavaliers gave up a 16-2 run to start the third quarter. Good teams don’t give up huge runs like that as often as the Cavaliers do, and they don’t have so many awful third quarters.

The Cavaliers were certainly competitive and in the game in the first half, but the big run to start the third quarter pretty much ended their chances of picking up a much-needed victory.

The one positive about the game was the return of All-Star guard Kyrie Irving, who has not played since he hurt his shoulder on March 10. Irving looked spectacular at times, and scored a game-high 31 points. The rest of the team didn’t do a whole lot, though, and the Cavaliers for some reason did not look aggressive.

In fact, the Cavaliers only shot three free throws in the second half, which shows that they were not taking the ball to the rim or being aggressive in the post. In addition, the Cavaliers only grabbed 3 offensive rebounds during the whole game. That is a terrible statistic, and shows again how the players were not as energized and involved in the game as they needed to be.

The Cavaliers have some good players, and Irving is certainly a great player. It made sense that the team would struggle with Irving hurt and guard Dion Waiters also out of the lineup for much of March. But with Irving playing on Sunday, the Cavaliers should have put forth a much better effort against the Hornets.

Instead, it was another bad game from a team that had a horrendous month of March. It was probably a fitting ending to the month, and Cavaliers fans now just have to hope that the team can play a little better in April to finish up the season.


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