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Denver Nuggets’ Mascot to Retire: Does Anyone Really Care?

Isaiah J. Downing-US Presswire

April Fools’ Day is a day that lasts too long. Every year companies, teams and individuals  try to prove how funny they can be and release some statement or announcement proclaiming some untrue falsity that is supposed to fool those reading it or hearing about it.

Apparently, the Denver Nuggets have also jumped on this bandwagon. An announcement released today from the Nuggets’ Mascot Rocky proclaims he will retire at the end of this season. How a mascot releases a statement is beyond me, but this leads me to wonder. If the mascot did really retire, would anybody really care?

The franchise is attempting to be light-hearted and funny, but to be honest, this is no point in the season to take anything light-heartedly.

Ty Lawson is day-to-day and has missed four of the last five games. With eight games left to go in the regular season and a fight for home-court advantage still at the helm, Nuggets’ fans could care less if the mascot of the team is in the stands bothering patrons or not.

Andre Iguodala has also been reported to likely opt out of his contract and become a free-agent at season’s end. His defensive presence will surely be missed and his athletic ability always give the Nuggets a chance to score. If the Nuggets do well in the postseason, who knows, maybe he’ll want to stick it out in Denver.

These stories are too huge to try and overlook, so April Fools’ Day or not, the organization as a whole needs to focus on winning and not on attempting humor. When I first saw the headline, I presumed it was 100 percent real and I thought, “who cares?”

I guess there would be some people who would care. The guy (or girl) playing the part would be out of a job. Rocky also won the world’s Most Awesome Mascot award at Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards, so I guess a lot of kids would be disappointed.

Rocky was also inducted to the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2008. There’s a Mascot Hall of Fame? Huh, who knew?

The release of Rocky’s retirement also mentioned a voting process to elect a new mascot for the team. The author of the original release attempts to fool fans on yet another level. They clearly spent too much time on this hoax, and now I have as well.

The whole of Nuggets Nation is focused on finishing out the regular season healthy and hopefully achieving home-court advantage in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

You can’t fool us Rocky. You’re not going anywhere, and even if you were, it’s likely nobody would care.

Joe Newsome is a Denver Nuggets contributing writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @josocah, check out his Facebook page and add him to your circles on Google.