NBA Portland Trail Blazers

Eric Maynor: Tremendous Addition For Portland Trail Blazers

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Maynor has been a valuable addition the second half of the season for the Portland Trail Blazers who have to be credited with effectively pulling out the stops despite what looks to be an unsuccessful bid to make the NBA playoffs.

The Blazers at 33-40 are a long shot right now at making the playoffs. However, as team officials gradually close out the season and the future, they need to give Maynor a closer look. He’s done some very good things for the team.

Maynor saw action in 37 games for the Oklahoma City Thunder and averaged only 19.6 minutes an outing. He averaged less than three points a game and shot 31.3 percent from the floor. Then he came to the Blazers, who brought him over to give him a serious look and get key minutes from him in their playoff run. They’ve been using Maynor extensively in the past 18 games and haven’t regretted it.

He ‘s been averaging 21.1 minutes a game with the Trial Blazers and scored 7.2 points while collecting 1.2 rebounds  and 3.8 assists a game. He’s also shooting 42.3 percent from the floor. Maynor has played steady for the Blazers. In the last five games, for instance, he’s either had four or five assists.

The Blazers would like to see him shooting slightly higher but he’s been productive enough to give him as many minutes as possible. The team will be disappointed when it’s official that they won’t be in the playoffs. However, they’ll have reason to appreciate the talents given to them the past few weeks by Maynor.