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Minnesota Timberwolves: Ricky Rubio’s Top 5 Performances in March

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Ricky Rubio's Top Performances in March

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Ricky Rubio endured one of the worst basketball injuries an athlete can imagine suffering through in tearing his ACL last season. Since returning to the Minnesota Timberwolves this year, he has seemingly picked up right where he left off before he was injured.

Averaging no more than roughly 30 minutes per game on a regular basis, Rubio has put up 10 points, over seven assists, four rebounds and two and a half steals per game this season. While it hasn't been the best basketball we'll see from the Spaniard during his NBA career, it is impressive especially coming from a guy who is still experiencing pain in his knee intermittently. Between timeouts and quarters, Rubio has been seen visibly limping on his previously injured knee on many occasions.

Though he is not 100 percent, Rubio is still determined to win. With nothing left to play for other than his dignity and passion for the game, he has made it verbally clear that he hates to lose and he will do everything he possibly can to help his team win.

In fact, many post game interviews have included questions asking Rubio what spurred his great performance that night, and he has responded multiple times with, "I just hate losing." He has said he's sick of it.

Well, if March is any clue to his performance going forward, I'd like to hope Minnesota does something to make sure this kid is happy there. They do not want to see him end up in another uniform anytime soon.

Having played his best basketball in the month of March, Rubio has dazzled us with some incredible statistics. Stealing the ball five or more times in a game on three occasions, notching four double-doubles and even achieving his first career triple-double, Rubio has been the bright spot for the Wolves during another losing month. It was tough, but I narrowed down his top five performances of March.

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5. March 2, 2013: Portland Trail Blazers

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Against the Portland Trail Blazers, Ricky Rubio scored 12 points, grabbed nine boards, dished out nine assists and stole the ball three times. Though it was in a losing effort, Rubio battled rookie Damian Lillard all night long wanting to outperform him if it was the least he could do.

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4. March 13, 2013: Indiana Pacers

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Against the Indiana Pacers, Ricky Rubio scored 21 points, dished out 10 assists, hauled in six rebounds and had three steals to seal another double-double. Rubio helped Minnesota keep it within grasp for most of the game. Everytime the Pacers would pull away, Rubio would help the Wolves battle back within striking distance.

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3. March 6, 2013: Washington Wizards

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Against the Washington Wizards, Ricky Rubio scored 15 points, handed out 11 assists, pulled down seven rebounds and stole the ball an incredible six times. For once, this kind of performance came in a win for Rubio as he got to duel it out with John Wall. Wall also had an impressive game, but it was Rubio in the end who prevailed with the win.

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2. March 30, 2013: Memphis Grizzlies

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Against the Memphis Grizzlies, Ricky Rubio scored 23 points, nabbed 10 rebounds and came one assist shy of his second career triple-double. Rubio led the team in all three of those categories, which is very rare especially coming from a point guard. Head coach Rick Adelman said after the game that his team had several open shots in order to try and make a game of it, but they continued to miss. Had they made a few more, Rubio could have had himself his second career triple-double.

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1. March 12, 2013: San Antonio Spurs

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At home against the San Antonio Spurs, Ricky Rubio delighted his fans at the Target Center with his first career triple-double scoring 21 points, grabbing 13 rebounds and dishing out 12 assists. In a game where the Spurs were resting a few of their stars, the Wolves came away with the victory on the heels of an incredible performance by Rubio. Overlooked was the fact that Minnesota played without four key players as well. Rubio earned this one.