Shaquille O'Neal Needs To Lay Off Dwight Howard Already

By Joshua Casey
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers then you already know what I’m talking about. If you are not, then you still probably know what I’m talking about because apparently Shaquille O’Neal wants everyone to know that he was the original Superman. He was the first Lakers Superman, and anyone who follows him is just a fake. Apparently, Shaq also wants some attention because his attacks on current Lakers center Dwight Howard have been futile. So, he keeps on going.

His attempts at trying to anger Howard to the point of him firing back at Shaq, or confronting him man to man, have not worked. So Shaq decided to do an interview with the Los Angeles Times. In the article, he reveals why he has been so hard on Howard,

“I love Dwight and I see his potential. Hopefully when I say these things he gets mad,” O’Neal said in an interview. “Just think about it. At the dunk contest, he dunked on that thing when it was 15 feet. Remember that? OK, so why can’t you back people down [in the post]? Because if you think I didn’t play against great centers, he’s not playing against nobody, you know what I mean? So he should be able to back people down and jump-hook them to death. That’s why I envision in him as a player.”

Shaq does present some good points throughout the article. Howard is not playing against any elite centers, offensively or defensively. So if Howard really is as good as advertised, why can’t he have his way with this measly crop of NBA centers? Why can’t he, like Shaq said, average upwards of 25 points a game? Well the only person who can give you the answer to those questions is Howard himself. So I side with Howard when I say, if you really are looking out for Dwight Howard, Shaq, then tell him this stuff behind closed doors, man to man.

The way you are currently handling things just makes you look like a petty retired basketball player who can’t stand to see someone who stole your nickname. Yes, we all know you were the first Superman. How can anyone forget? You were one of the most dominant centers in the history of the NBA. You tower over Howard in terms of career accomplishments in the NBA, championship rings, MVP’s, you name it and you probably have done it better than Howard. So why are you so jealous of him? Because that’s what it sounds like you are when you come out with this sort of garbage every other month.

If you really want to motivate Howard like you say you do, then realize this: he is not the same player as you. He has a fragile state of mind and does not get motivated when angry, like you once did. With such fragility, Howard is the type of player who needs reassurance and support from teammates, not prodding and disdain. If you really want to help, then take these things into consideration and act upon them the next time you see Dwight.


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