Boston Celtics’ Jason Terry Hasn’t Met Expectations

By Cody Williams
Terry Celtics
Joe Camporeale – USA Today Sports Images

When Ray Allen made the decision to leave the Boston Celtics this past off-season, Boston knew that they had to go into the free agency and trade markets and find an upper-tier shooting guard to replace him. When they signed former of NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jason Terry, most people thought they had found the right guy.

They had no reason to think otherwise, either. In the 2011-2012 season while Terry was a member of the Dallas Mavericks, he averaged 15.1 points and 3.6 assists per game on 43 percent shooting from the field, and 37.8 percent shooting from three. That was also his worst year in terms of production over his previous six seasons. It feels pretty safe to say that the Celtics expected him deliver a similar performance this year.

Terry hasn’t done that at all, though. In the 74 games that he’s played for the Celtics this season, he has averaged just 10.3 points and 2.5 assist per game. He has shot a little more efficiently this season, shooting 43.9 percent from the floor and 38.1 percent from beyond the arc, but it hasn’t mattered in terms of his numbers.

Boston hasn’t seen Terry play like the player that was an integral part of the Mavericks’ 2011 NBA Championship. Terry has very obviously lost a step in terms of his quickness and has struggled to find and create his shot. The 35-year old seems like his age has caught up with him. He looks more like the Wright Brothers’ plane in the first flight this year than he looks like the “Jet.”

As the Celtics inch closer to the postseason though, they need Terry to try and recapture some of his youth. Boston has managed to survive since the Rajon Rondo injury by playing well as a unit. However, if Terry is able to turn his play up a notch, this Celtics team would be a prime candidate to pull an upset in the first round of the playoffs.

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