NBA Dallas Mavericks

Chris Kaman Has Been Underutilized By Dallas Mavericks

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

For years, center Chris Kaman developed a reputation as one of the best scorers out of the post in the NBA. Now with the Dallas Mavericks, Kaman hasn’t been featured in the post as much as he should be.

Kaman may be getting up there in age — he’ll be 31 this month — but he is still one of the more effective players in the league when given the basketball on the block. Kaman has the ability to finish with either hand, score over both his left and right shoulders and even has range out to 15 feet on his jumper.

Despite only playing a career-low 20.9 minutes per game this season, Kaman has still produced when he’s on the court. He still averages double digits in scoring with 10.7 points per game while also contributing 5.4 rebounds and shooting .507 from the field, and Kaman’s adjusted averages per 36 minutes — 18.4 points, 9.3 rebounds — are actually among the best of his career.

The statistics show that Kaman clearly still has some value when given playing time, at least on the offensive end of the court. And with Kaman approaching free agency when his one-year contract with the Mavericks expires this summer there should be a few teams that can use an offensive post presence interested in his services, some playoff teams in particular.

Each of the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs would benefit from having Kaman on their roster and all three should be able to afford him with a few roster tweaks. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Kaman land with one of the top teams mentioned above, with the Mavericks again letting another solid center slip away to the benefit of the rest of the league at Dallas’ expense.