Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose Thinks Big Picture While Fans Think Now

By tonygraham
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You know who’s the last person in the NBA I want to be right now? Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose. I have so many reasons to support that choice that I could publish a book.

Rose suffered an ACL injury to his left knee in Game 1 of the 1st round of the Playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers. The surgery was performed in may by Dr. Brian Cole who gave an estimate of 8-12 months for full recovery and said Rose should be able to play this season.

Ever since then, it’s been a speculation fest which has not gotten any better. In January, Rose began full-contact work outs with the team and was given the green light to play in games last month. However, it was Rose himself that made the decision to not play, stating that he will decide when he is actually ready. Rumors began to circulate that he was having hamstring soreness. That didn’t help much when it came to eager fans who see his return as their chance at overtaking the Miami Heat for the Eastern Conference crown. So it was no surprise that the speculation grew and became more intense. Questions have compared him to Minnesota Viking RB Adrian Peterson, who recovered successfully from a similar injury could be heard. Some bloggers and members of the media actually questioned his heart. There have also been rumors that the team has grown frustrated with the process and his decision, but both sides emphatically deny that they are not on the same page.

The best thing for everyone to do here is to remember the big picture and think long term. That is exactly what Rose appears to be doing. We must remember that Rose is 24 years old and is taking up 30% of the team’s salary cap with his max contract. Also, his style of play puts a lot of pressure on his knees. He drives to the basket and plays level with the rim while taking more contact than most point guards. The rest of the team is relatively young and under coach Tom Thibedeau, their window of success is not closing anytime soon. It seems that the team understands this as well and the drama lies with fans and some of the media. Yes, it’s difficult to be patient when a physician has given your best player the green light to play and the playoffs are a realistic goal. However, if he goes down again, his story can quickly turn form promising to tragic. It’s best that we all let him decide his own time table. He is too valuable in the long run.


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