Cleveland Cavaliers And Brooklyn Nets Game To Feature Two Great Guards

By Nick Claussen
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

Two of the best point guards in the NBA will square off on Wednesday night when the Cleveland Cavaliers host the Brooklyn Nets.

The two teams are at opposite ends of the standings as the Nets are currently in line for the fourth seed in the NBA’s Eastern Conference Playoffs with a record of 42-31, while the Cavaliers are headed for the draft lottery once again with a record of 25-50.

In addition, the Nets are 5-5 in their last 10 games, while the Cavaliers are just 1-9 and have lost their last nine games in a row. If they were playing this game on paper, the Cavaliers would surely lose.

But they don’t play on paper, and the Cavaliers actually should have a shot to steal a win.

The biggest match-up of the night should be between two of the best point guards in the NBA, Kyrie Irving and Deron Wiliams.

Williams is scoring 18.3 points per game this season and is shooting 43 percent from the field. He is also passing out 7.7 assists per game and is averaging 3.1 rebounds and one assist per game. The veteran has played in 70 games this season and is primed to put up some big numbers in the playoffs if he gets enough support from his team.

The Nets expected to be better than fourth place in the Eastern Conference at this point in the season, but they still have the opportunity to make some noise in the playoffs, particularly if Williams plays well.

Irving, meanwhile, is averaging 23.8 points per game while shooting 47 percent from the field. He is also passing out 5.7 assists per game and is averaging 3.7 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game. He has only played in 50 games this season due to different injuries.

His team is going nowhere this season, but the Cavaliers have shown improvement and should have the opportunity to make a big jump next year if key players can stay healthy.

Many people think Williams is the best point guard right now, and that Irving will be the best point guard soon. Williams is a better passer, but Irving is currently a better scorer. If Irving can get the best of the match-up, if the Cavaliers big men can play even with the big men of Brooklyn, and if the Nets come into the game looking past the Cavaliers, the Wine and Gold have a chance to steal a win.

The Cavaliers really, really need to pick up a win soon, and a victory against Williams and the Nets would be a nice one to get.

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