NBA: Sacramento Kings Move to Seattle?

By Joshua Casey

One of the most controversial moves in NBA history was when the Seattle SuperSonics relocated to Oklahoma City, and became the Oklahoma City Thunder. Of course, it didn’t help that fans of the former SuperSonics have had to watch a team of the caliber of the Thunder. Watching how good Kevin Durant has become, as well as the transformation of Russell Westbrook, has really hurt those fans. They had to endure the Thunder’s trip to the NBA Finals last year, and were elated when they saw defeat at the hands of LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

So after all of this misery, it would only make sense that NBA fans in Seattle would be overjoyed when they heard of the news that the Sacramento Kings could be moving to Seattle. Although the Kings are not that good, they do have young talent, and room to improve. Aside from that though, it is an NBA team in Seattle, something that the fans there have been longing for.

This story of Seattle fans’ misery, is all so familiar to Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer, the two men who are trying to bring an NBA team back to Seattle. On the other side of things is the group of officials that Sacramento has put together to try and keep their beloved Kings right in Sac town.

Today in New York, a meeting was held in front of 12 officials from different NBA teams. NBA commissioner David Stern and NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver were offered the opportunity to present their cases. While we do not know exactly what went on inside the meetings, there are several important details surfacing.

The general agreement among the New York Media, who were there and informed on the situation, believe that the Sacramento officials presentation easily bested Seattle’s. However, Kings fans may not want to celebrate just yet. If the Kings presentation was so good then why has David Stern said that the expected vote in two weeks may be delayed?

My opinion is that this will ultimately result in the Kings moving to Seattle, and David Stern is just delaying the inevitable. Stern knows that he messed up when the SuperSonics moved. Now, he sees a perfect opportunity to rectify the situation. Nevertheless, whatever happens with this whole ordeal should prove to be quite interesting, and it will ultimately end up leaving one fan base extremely upset.


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