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NBA Minnesota Timberwolves

Ricky Rubio Continuing to Progress for Minnesota Timberwolves

Rubio Williams Timberwolves

Brace Hemmelgarn – USA Today Sports Images

There are many things for the Minnesota Timberwolves to be disappointed about this season.

There’s a possibility that Kevin Love might not play an NBA game until next season after missing most of the year, they have been the worst 3-point shooting team in the league, and there have been injuries that have affected them all over the place. It’s been a rough 2012-2013 season in Minnesota.

Ricky Rubio has been a definite cause for optimism for the Wolves amidst all of the negative things that have happened to this team, though. Since he returned from his torn ACL, he has performed like a leader and a burgeoning star in this league.

Rubio’s stats have gotten progressively better since he returned earlier this year, with his performance in March being the best month that he’s had this season. Rubio played in all 17 games for the Timberwolves in March and averaged 14.1 points, 7.8 assists, 5.6 rebounds and 2.6 steals per game. That’s all really quality production from your point guard.

The most impressive part about Rubio in the month of March has been his efficiency. The widely-noted knock on Rubio is that he’s a poor shooter that really struggles with his efficiency. Over the past two seasons combined, he has shot under 40 percent from the floor.

In this past month, though, Rubio shot 41.4 percent from the field and 32.4 percent from three. His 3-point percentage was actually the second-best on the Wolves in March, which isn’t saying much, but is still a sign of improvement.

By all accounts, Rubio is one of the most diligent young players in professional basketball and is constantly working to get better, particularly with his shot. He has elite defensive and passing skills and has shown that he has the maturity to help lead a team. Though the Timberwolves have had a disappointing year, it’s hard to say that Rubio’s progress hasn’t been an immensely positive thing.

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