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Charlotte Bobcats Need To Be Concerned With Their Excessive Turnovers

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When a struggling team like the Charlotte Bobcats wins five of its last six games at home, the consensus might be that the squad is finally playing close to perfect basketball.

The Bobcats, who have averaged 19.5 turnovers their last two NBA games, are doing anything but playing perfect basketball, considering their ball-handling has been atrocious. Coach Mike Dunlap would be wise to forget about looking at the final score and instead be consumed with that turnover stat. He’s lucky to win despite that many turnovers.

Adjusting who handles the ball in certain situations my help correct the problem along with simple fundamental reminders and better coaching strategies on how to handle how the opposition attacks the ball.

The Bobcats were able to knock off the Philadelphia 76ers 88-83 despite their sloppiness on offense. The main reason is that the Sixers shot the ball extremely poorly with a 33-of-93 effort for 35.1 percent.

Teams can overcome averaging 19.5 turnovers in a two-game stretch provided they make up for it in other areas as the Bobcats did with their defense. If Philadelphia shot the ball a little better, those turnovers would have probably cost Charlotte Wednesday’s game.

Kemba Walker should be Dunlap’s main concern. He had six turnovers against the Sixers, but Dunlap might be tempted to turn the other way because Walker also had four steals and 17 points. Those six turnovers could have been critical, however.

If the Bobcats don’t pay more attention to reducing turnovers, they’re not going to enjoy many wins the rest of the season.