Miami Heat: Chris Bosh Has $340,000 Worth Of Jewelry Stolen From Home

Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Since joining the Miami Heat, Chris Bosh has had his ups and downs both on and off the court. This was one of the downs.

As reported by ESPN, Bosh and his wife were celebrating his 29th birthday on Wednesday night when they returned home from a party at South Beach’s Bamboo night club to find their home had been broken into. Drawers were opened with noticeable valuables such as watches, rings, earrings, purses, and others missing. Bosh notified the Miami Beach police around 12:30 am of the incident.

The hilarious thing (if there can be such a thing) regarding the burglary is that there were incredible valuable items blatantly untouched and left behind, including Bosh’s championship ring from 2012.

Bosh is going to have the house attendants questioned and searched to try and attempt to see if anyone else had access to his home. There are no leads nor suspects in the case at the moment. Bosh has also not released any particulars over what exactly was stolen, just a rough value of the merchandise estimated to be around $340,000.

While the incident is somewhat shocking and sad to say the least, part of me just wants to say, “Oh well, just use your salary for next week to replace all of that junk with brand new shiny things. By the way, happy birthday bro.”

Insensitive? Maybe. It there some truth to it? Absolutely.

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