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Charlotte Bobcats: Reggie Williams Deserves More Play Time

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

When a seldom-used NBA player scores 12 points late in the season, it begs the question: why is he not being used?

The Charlotte Bobcats need to find players who can produce in the final games of the season. They need to see who wants to play and who can produce. Then they can go into the offseason making better decisions on what their needs will be in the draft and in other offseason transactions.

Reggie Williams, in his fourth NBA season, finally got some minutes from the Bobcats Wednesday night in an 88-83 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers and was extremely impressive. He drew 17 minutes of action and shot 5-of-7 from the floor and 2-of-3 in 3-pointers for 12 points.

Williams did commit two turnovers which he needs to eliminate.

For the season, he’s only averaged 9.2 minutes in 37 games. He’s shooting 43.1 percent from the floor which is decent but 52.9 percent in free throws, which is awful. Those marks are below what he’s done in his career with 20.1 minutes 8.7 points and 2.7 rebounds a game. He’s also shooting 46 percent for his career.

Williams was having fun against the 76ers. He had the ball in his hands and he had an opportunity to show what he could do with it. Charlotte coaches should be impressed with what they saw. He’s compensated for the absence of the injured Ramon Sessions.

There’s no reason Williams should not be seeing lots of action for the rest of the season. The Bobcats have nothing to lose by seeing what they can get out of him.