Kyrie Irving is Becoming a Coach Killer

By Thomas Duffy
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving may have joined a select group of NBA stars by making a move that only a few players in the league can truly appreciate. Those players include, but are not limited to, Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, and Carmelo Anthony.

After his Cleveland Cavaliers had lost their tenth straight game to the Brooklyn Nets, Irving did what Bryant, Anthony, and Howard did: he took a shot at his coach.

When asked if Byron Scott has lost the young Cavs team, and if any of his teammates had given up on the season, Irving responded by saying “I think you should ask them. I’m not going to be the one to answer that.” He added that he hadn’t quit, however. ‘I’m out here playing with basically a still-sprained AC joint without a care in the world because I just want to play out there with my teammates. I haven’t checked out. That thought has never crossed my mind.”

Let’s analyze those comments, shall we? The young All-Star PG basically says that he’s playing by himself without a care in the world. Is that something that a coach would be preaching?

Scott has been the coach of Cleveland for three seasons, signing a deal shortly before LeBron James took his talents to the Miami Heat. However, Irving is the future of the franchise, and if he doesn’t like playing for Scott you can pretty much kiss the veteran coach goodbye.

Irving is an elite All-Star player and, in a few years, will be the best point guard in the NBA. In addition, he could very soon become a “coach killer,” if Scott is let go after the season.

Maybe Uncle Drew could coach the Cavs. At least Irving wouldn’t run him out of Cleveland.

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