Portland Trail Blazers' Damian Lillard Won't Have Chance To Showcase Talents In NBA Playoffs

By John Raffel

He’s had such an incredible rookie season that it’s extremely unfortunate for the NBA not to be able to showcase its best rookie, Damian Lillard, in the playoffs.

The Portland Trail Blazers have all but fallen out of playoff contention. They have lost six in a row, which has basically put them out of the playoff picture.

But in the remaining weeks of the season, the Trail Blazers should showcase Lillard as the outstanding rookie that he’s been. He’s at 19 points, 6.5 assists and 3.2 rebounds a game. He was able to put his team in a strong playoff spot. The team will have to look at how to get more talent on the team surrounding Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge to be a playoff contender in the future.

Aldridge is expected to return Friday from an ankle injury that has kept him out of four games. Through it all, Lillard has continued to play like a cool and calm veteran, which is what he has become even as a rookie. Since Feb. 12, Lillard has only been in single digits for scoring once and that was eight points. Otherwise, he’s been well into double figures and has been the top scoring threat for the Blazers all season.

He’s been averaging 38.5 minutes per game, not bad for a rookie. His shooting remains strong at 43.1 percent from the floor and 37.1 percent in 3-pointers. He’s a sure bet in free throws at 84.9 percent.

Basketball fans who enjoy watching excellent NBA rookie talent need to enjoy the next few games before Lillard hangs up his shoes for the season. He’s been one of the league’s most exciting players.

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