Orlando Magic: Nikola Vucevic Working Alone

By John Raffel
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Nikola Vucevic becomes more amazing as a rebounder as the final days of the regular season draw near for the Orlando Magic.

Vucevic is playing extremely well, as seen in his last three games for the Magic against some of the best teams in the NBA.

In his second-year, Vucevic is headed toward an outstanding season with 12.6 points and 11.6 rebounds a game. Much has been said lately about his rebounding and he proved it again Friday night when the Magic almost shocked the Chicago Bulls, but fell short 87-86.

Vucevic was a pain in the Bulls’ side for 40 minutes. He shot 8-of-14 from the floor, but unfortunately didn’t go to the foul-line. He had four offensive and 11 defensive rebounds. He added two blocks, two steals and three assists. With Vucevic playing well around the basket, the Magic came close to pulling off an upset. Unfortunately, the injury-depleted Magic hasn’t been winning many games despite outstanding performances from players like Vucevic.

On Wednesday, he had a strong game against the San Antonio Spurs, with 16 points in 36 minutes of action and  7-of-13 shooting from the floor. He had 14 rebounds in that game, plus four steals and two blocks. He also had a powerful game rebounding Monday 111-103 in a loss to the Houston Rockets with 12 boards.

For the season, Vucevic continues to shoot well from the floor at 51.6 percent. Despite his rebounding power, Vucevic would prefer seeing the Magic getting some wins. He obviously needs a stronger supporting cast.

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