What Does Steve Nash's Injury Mean to Los Angeles Lakers?

By Babak Movahed
Jodie Meeks
Cary Edmondson- US Presswire

For a few days nowx I’ve been considering the impact of Steve Nash’s injury on the Los Angeles Lakers. Today, I think I finally figured it out. Currently, I’m watching the Lakers play the Memphis Grizzlies, and it seems abundantly clear what the problem is.

Steve Blake and Jodie Meeks starting as the guards have absolutely eliminated any semblance of offensive production from the backcourt. Generally, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash manning the backcourt provide much needed scoring for a team that doesn’t have many scorers. The huge issue with Meeks and Blake is their inability to create offense for themselves.

Sure, Meeks has the speed to get to the basket, but that doesn’t amount to much if he can’t find a way to finish the play. Also, people always seem to suggest that Meeks is a good 3-point shooter. To those people, I recommend that they get their eyes checked, or just go look up some stats. Meeks’ averages 35% from downtown, which as far as I know is rather unimpressive.

Now as for Blake, he’s played fairly well. However, lets not forget, that’s off the bench. As a starter, Blake has been ineffective and has thrown far too many turnovers. For some inexplicable reason, Blake plays as though he’s nervous and pressured to do more than what is expected from him.

If Blake and Meeks were able to just show the slightest bit of consistency in their performance, then perhaps the Lakers wouldn’t be this predicament. For now, I can only hope that Nash comes back soon and manages to restore some degree of order in the Lakers.

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