Indiana Pacers Coach Frank Vogel Admits Tired Team Needs To Rejuvenate

By John Raffel
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel realizes his Pacers have had too good of an NBA season to worry over two lousy back-to-back performances.

But Vogel should worry until his team gets its act back together.

A pair of lopsided losses to the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Washington Wizards don’t mean the Pacers have lost it. The Thunder might be the best team in the NBA West and the Wizards are always tough at home.

The Pacers will know where they’re at this week when they play the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday and the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday at home before facing the New York Knicks on the road Friday.

If the Pacers win all three, then they’re back in it. If they struggle, however, Vogel has reason to be really worried.

Vogel told reporters after Saturday’s game that he wasn’t making excuses, but his team is definitely tired. The Pacers struggled to hit shots the last two games.

Now’s not the time for Vogel to make excuses. No one is going to feel sorry for the Pacers, but Vogel admitted they have to find a way to get rejuvenated. He also has to avoid running into red-hot ball players like John Wall, who scored 37 points for the Wizards to help stymie the Pacers in their second straight attempt to clinch the Central Division title.

That’s Vogel’s job. A week ago, he had a team that could contend for the NBA title. Now it looks like a team that might not last long in the NBA playoffs. This week should tell a lot about the Pacers.

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