Kyle Korver's Outside Shooting Key For Atlanta Hawks

By Tony Ramsey
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks don’t shoot particularly well from the outside, making sharp shooter Kyle Korver‘s presence on the court that much more important. Without Korver, the Hawks’ would virtually be one dimensional offensively.

The Hawks made a move to acquire Korver from the Chicago Bulls prior to the season as Korver has a reputation as one of the best spot up shooters in the NBA. Korver’s reputation is indeed justified by his career .419 shooting percentage from deep, including a league-leading .536 in 2009-2010. He also has been effective from three-point range this season while averaging 11 points per game.

Korver may be a liability on defense due to his limited athleticism, but his value to the Hawks offense is too vital to take him off the floor for long stretches. Korver’s 183 made threes this season has helped the Hawks become a top-five team in the NBA in regards to three-point shooting. The Hawks currently rank third in three-point makes (681), fourth in attempts (1,810) and fifth in three-point accuracy (.376).

With Korver being a free agent this summer there should be plenty of teams lining up for his services. The Hawks do have a ton of cap space, but with Korver being unrestricted he has the freedom to sign with any team he chooses, and Atlanta may not be the most attractive destination with so many new faces sure to be on the roster next season.

The Hawks should make a serious attempt to keep Korver, if even for one more year. Korver has been a key component to their playoff berth, and having his shooting around could be critical to their short term future.

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