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Gerald Wallace’s Reported Confidence Problems with Brooklyn Nets Aren’t Surprising

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Mark J. Rebilas – USA Today Sports Images

The Brooklyn Nets are currently the occupants of the four-seed in the NBA’s Eastern Conference and have had a pretty successful season. They have been led by Brook Lopez and the recent resurgence of Deron Williams, while being aided by Joe Johnson at times. However, most people still don’t consider this Nets team to be any kind of contender.

Brooklyn really needs another player on their roster to step up and provide the team with offense outside of their three core players. There are obviously multiple options on the roster that could take up this role for Brooklyn. However, one player that would make the most sense, or would have before this season, is forward Gerald Wallace.

Wallace has been having arguably the worst season of his career this year for Brooklyn. For the year, he has averaged just eight points per game on 40 percent shooting and 29.1 percent 3-point shooting in 30.6 minutes per game. That’s absolutely terrible numbers on offense that Wallace has put up.

So it wasn’t really much of a surprise on Monday afternoon when Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York reported that Wallace has said he has “no confidence” in his shot anymore. That’s how he has looked all season — like he doesn’t trust himself to make shots anymore.

Part of Wallace’s paltry performance this season is the fact that he’s been a player that has thrived solely off his athletic ability, which is declining as he gets older. However, the issue with his confidence can’t be overlooked. Once a player’s confidence leaves him, it doesn’t always come back. Even if it does, that player is never the same. That may be what is happening to Wallace right now, even if that is quite unfortunate.

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