Miami Heat Say Be Careful What You Wish For

By Richard Nurse

Before last year ended, Monta Ellis blessed us with an unintentionally funny video about being in the same class as Dwyane Wade, despite “more wins and two championships.” Then Brandon Jennings claimed (Via The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel):

“The two games that we played Miami so far, we matched up well against them…If you ask me, that’s who I would want to play first round, Miami….”

But two double-digit victories and a hundred highlights later may have the Milwaukee Bucks rethinking their playoff future.

The Miami Heat, minus Wade (knee) and Chris Bosh (sick), look less like the Heatles and more like the Miami Cavaliers, the way LeBron James stuffs the stat sheet with his Miami Heat role players.

Ray Allen got it going, Udonis Haslem chipped in his first double-double of the season and even Birdman flapped his way to the third three-point make of his career.

However, the highlight of the night came when LeBron turned a two-on-one fast-break into his own personal T-Mac moment.

With Mike Miller running the lane to his right and Monta Ellis back peddling in front of him, James jumped to dump off another dime, but Ellis outsmarted him by jumping into the passing lane.

What happened next seemed to suck the energy out of the Bucks early.

James made an “in-flight adjustment” and won the cat and mouse game by turning a mid-air pass into a flashy assist to himself off the backboard.

So even when things went wrong for the Heat, they went oh so right, which Milwaukee’s Mike Dunleavy summed up when he said:

“They didn’t play very well and they still won…. So it’s not the best result for the Bucks.”

Maybe, if the Bucks focused more on correcting their losing ways than comparisons and an early season victory they would have passed up the Boston Celtics, who, for a while seemed determined to drop to the 8th spot and give the Heat a hard time.

Richard Nurse is a Miami Heat columnist for Follow him on Twitter @blackirishpr.

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