Philadelphia 76ers Could Be in Undesirable Place Moving Forward

By Cody Williams
Philadelphia 76ers Brooklyn Nets
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The 2012-2013 NBA season held such promise for the Philadelphia 76ers before it began. As the weeks passed without Andrew Bynum on the floor, things just seemed to get worse daily. Unfortunately for Philadelphia, the outlook may just get bleaker as they look into the future.

For starters, there is a chance that Bynum, who the Sixers traded away Andre Iguodala to acquire, may never play a game in a Philadelphia uniform. He becomes an unrestricted free agent this off-season, meaning he can go anywhere. Bynum has said that he’s open to the idea of staying with the 76ers, but those kinds of statements don’t inspire confidence in the fans or in the organization.

The Bynum conundrum is obviously very high on their list of problems. However, one thing that should be up there, but isn’t talked about nearly enough, is how their position in the 2013 NBA Draft has been affected by Bynum’s absence.

For most of the season, the 76ers presumed that they would get Bynum back at some point in the year — only that never happened, obviously. This means that they were trying to remain semi-competitive and not go into some sort of tanking mode. As a result, the Sixers are currently only 11th in the Draft Lottery, meaning that they will most likely have a low lottery pick.

In most cases, a lottery pick is a good thing to have, even if it isn’t at the top of the draft. However, this is arguably one of the worst draft classes that the league has seen in the past decade. There are some talented players, but there are question marks surrounding every player in the draft. So having a pick later in the lottery this year means that the Sixers are unlikely that’s going to make a real difference on their team next year.

This season was one that started out with a relatively high amount of hope for Philadelphia. However, it now seems like all of their hardships could result in two straight seasons of disappointment. Granted, they will still have Jrue Holiday, but it’s been proven this season that’s not enough to be successful. The tough breaks just keep coming for the Sixers.

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