Dwight Howard Still Thinks Los Angeles Lakers Can Win Championship, Awkward

By Kaylyn Neely

On Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets – barely.

Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol had to play huge minutes, Bryant 42 and Gasol 39, to come away with the win. The Hornets are in second to last place. The only team that lost more games than the Hornets is the Phoenix Suns, another team that the Lakers failed to beat.

The Lakers would need a miracle, the made for TV sports movies kind of miracle, to win the NBA Championship.

They are about to change it from “When the Angels win the Pennant” to “When the Lakers win with the entire starting line up healthy.”

To sum it all up, the Lakers just aren’t very good.

But Dwight Howard responds differently when he’s asked about the Lakers playoff ambitions. He has to maintain face at least a little bit. However, it seems that he genuinely believes the Lakers still have a shot at the NBA championship.

Howard told the Los Angeles Times that: “If we get into the playoffs, there’s no doubt in my mind and in any of our minds, that we can win a championship,” he said. “It would be stupid of me to sit here and say to you [media] guys that if we make it to the playoffs, we’ll be out in the first round. I have confidence in our team.”

Howard and Bryant have always maintained that if they make the playoffs, it will be different. The Lakers will be a brand new team once the regular season ends and the playoffs begin.

Bryant and Gasol are on a whole new level to ensure the Lakers make the playoffs. But once they get there, it’s hard to see how it won’t be just more of the same inconsistency, bad defence and missed free throws that we are seeing right now.

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