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Are the Oklahoma City Thunder the NBA’s Most Exciting Team?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Westbrook Dancing

The Oklahoma City Thunder have developed a much larger fan base since their transition from Seattle. Not only do they sell out their home court in Oklahoma City every home game, they also have their own following in away games. The truth is, the exciting play of the Thunder has something every NBA fan loves to watch. They’re explosive, quick, savvy, physical and emotional.

A perfect example of why the Thunder are arguably the most exciting team in the NBA was a series during the Thunder’s game last night against the Golden State Warriors.

In the second quarter, Warrior’s point guard Stephen Curry drove to the basket for a layup attempt. At first, it looked like he had a step on the Thunder’s defense and would get the easy layup, but then out of nowhere Russell Westbrook leaped from behind Curry and swiped his shot with ferocity off of the bottom of the backboard. In the same sequence, Kevin Durant grabbed the rebound and drove the length of the court to throw down a monster jam. He then celebrated with what I like to think was a Mortal Kombat ‘finish him’ move by slitting his throat and throwing up the prayer hands.

It was simply a beautiful sequence of events for the Thunder. And it is not like this is something new– they have been making exciting plays such as this since they arrived in Oklahoma City. What is not to love about the Thunder? They are young, exciting, incredibly fast and most importantly, they win.

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