Kobe Bryant: The Fall of a Legend

By Babak Movahed
Kobe Bryant Injured
Richard Mackson- US Presswire

Friday night, Los Angeles witnessed a tragedy akin to the loss of a family member. The Los Angeles Lakers’ loyal fans looked upon the court with horror as their adopted son left the court limping.

Kobe Bryant’s injury doesn’t just mean difficulties ahead for the remainder of the Lakers’ season; no, there are much broader concerns at hand, namely the potential end of an iconic basketball era.

Bryant can easily be hailed as the greatest ball player of all time. Since Michael Jordan’s retirement, there hasn’t been a player with Bryant’s tenacity, motivation, talent, and sheer determination to win. For nearly two decades now, fans of basketball witnessed a mastery of a craft that seldom appears in any profession. Now, we fans are left with the critical question of what’s next for Kobe Bryant.

It’s a difficult matter to access, Bryant is 34 going onto 35 and his torn Achilles will put him out for nearly a year. We’re left with the heart-wrenching dilemma of will Bryant simply retire? The answer, in this opinion of a humble believer of Bryant, is a definitive no.

Bryant is amongst the most decorated athletics to play the sport. Prior to the injury, he was having a remarkable season in all facets of his game. In addition to these facts, Bryant was averaging a lot of minutes each game, and showing minimal fatigue, despite his age. Let’s not forget the most important thing to consider; Bryant is a flat out competitor. There is no doubt in mind that Bryant will want to end his career how he wants to end it!

Not by some unfortunate injury, but with the ball in his hands as the clock expires on another of his incredible performances; with all the fans crying and rejoicing over their long time hero and athletic inspiration; with Bryant humbly standing at center court as he is adorned with the love of his devote followers, and, hopefully, with one last NBA championship titled be hoisted high above his head.

To those who are concerned about Bryant’s return, rest assured the Black Mamba has yet to let us, or himself, down before. He sure isn’t planning on starting that this late in his career.



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