Philadelphia 76ers Should Fire Doug Collins at Season’s End

By Cody Williams
Doug Collins Sixers
Steve Mitchell – USA Today Sports Images

The Philadelphia 76ers have undoubtedly had some terrible luck during the 2012-2013 NBA season. After trading away their best player in Andre Iguodala to acquire Andrew Bynum, they have actually gotten nothing in return. That’s because Bynum hasn’t played a game for Philadelphia this season because of his knee injury and the many complications that have surrounded it.

Bynum’s injury troubles and not playing all season have obviously been a big part of why the 76ers were unable to find much success this season and will miss the playoffs. Though that’s a major part of their issues, it’s the way head coach Doug Collins has handled this situation and his team definitely deserves a fair share of the blame.

The troubles that Collins has had with his team have been public and ugly. On several occasions, he has publicly scapegoated his team and players for things that they’ve done that he didn’t particularly like. Eventually, this has led to him losing the trust of his players, which essentially renders him ineffective as a coach.

Moreover, Collins has also managed his team relatively poorly over the past month or so when they’ve been out of contention for the playoffs. At the end of an unsuccessful season, conventional wisdom would dictate that a coach should play his young players to develop them for the future. Collins, for the most part, has failed to do so and has stuck with guys that we basically know who they are in lieu of increasing the minutes for younger players.

All of this points to the fact that Collins has to be fired this off-season. It’s at the point where that’s what’s best for the Sixers players and the organization as a whole. Collins refuses to speak on his future with the team right now, which doesn’t really say much because that’s just how Collins is. If Philadelphia is smart, though, their future and Collins’ future shouldn’t be intertwined.

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